Sloe Gin Chocolates

Use the gin-soaked flesh of discarded sloes to make luxury chocolates! Share tips and culinary hints here

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Sloe Gin Chocolates

Post by oldFAQs » 14 Mar 2004, 20:11

My mum places the stoned berries (hence she recommends slitting the berries for the gin rather than pricking) on a shallow-sided tray, spaces them out a bit, then simply pours on a melted bar or two of plain chocolate.

Leave to cool and harden ... and enjoy.

I think the point about using the spent berries to make chocolates is that the berries hold enough gin to produce a vaguely alcoholic chocolate (clearly of use to those who have time to sit around at home listening to Woman’s Hour?!). My daughter thinks I am being rude, but then she hasn’t had to endure Woman’s Hour.
[Note: Blackthorn referred to a Womans Hour recipe on the old site]
Andy H, 9 Oct 03
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Post by Blackthorn » 14 Mar 2004, 22:37

I have had to change my mind about sloes and chocolates in the last couple of years.

Sloes that are removed from the gin after 2 to 3 months are, it seems, quite suited to the making of chocolates - while sloes that have been in the bottle over a year are definitely fit for nothing!

I have always preferred to run a sharp knife over each sloe (rolling across the stone in the middle) to pricking. So this should make the removal of the stone much easier for anyone contemplating following your chocolate recipe.

By the way ... I often HEAR Woman's Hour ('cos radio is always on), but never LISTEN to it! And, in fairness, they did broadcast a good sloe gin chocs interview one morning ...
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Post by Elizabeth » 10 Nov 2005, 19:25

Just wondered if it needs to be cooking or eating chocolate?

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Post by Carcaroth » 15 Nov 2005, 13:10

I used Tesco's own dark cooking chocolate this year (with a reasonably high coco content) for the damson gin chocolates and it worked really quite well. To be honest, after the hassle with stoning the damsons, I really can't be bothered to try it with sloes.
The better the quality of chocolate, the better the result. I think there's a 80% coco one that lindt make, but you pay for the quality.

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Post by Elizabeth » 17 Nov 2005, 08:24

Thank you Carcaroth, to be honest if I had Lindt choc it would not get as far as the sloes :) It's off to Tesco I go, I have to try this once, but in the meantime I must think about who I can sweet talk into removing the stones for me.

mr flibble
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Post by mr flibble » 20 Dec 2006, 22:35

I've just tried this with 100g Lindt 85% and 30g sloes (if I could have been arsed to stone more i probably would ;)) that have been steeping since October.

I have a feeling it's gonna be very bitter, but i'll try and save the taste testing for xmas :)

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Post by Elizabeth » 11 Jan 2007, 20:12

I made chocs again this year using the sloes that came out of the gin then into the left over port, I put a knife flat onto the sloe and pressed and guess what? The stones just shot out!

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