Post recipes and methods here for jams and preserves made with sloes. This section is non-alcoholic.

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Post by Daddysloe » 15 Sep 2018, 14:52

Last year I did the following with my Sloes, all recipies from this website except one.

SLOE GIN, SLOE WHISKY, SLOE SHERRY, SLOE JELLY/JAM, SLOE CHUTNEY, SLOE CORDIAL and SLOE`S SOAKED IN BRINE ( Like an olive apparently, but not ready yet as they soak for 12 months.

Everything was fabulous, so thanks to those who posted the recipies. Would like to improve on the Cordial though as after 2/3 weeks it had a mould on the top in the bottle that was kept in the fridge. Also the chutney was just a little dark and sticky, how can I loosen it a bit as it tasted great.

My Sloes in the Midlands are just about ready for picking now, nice and squashy under pressure, don`t go with the first frost me, think that came when frosts always happened the same time of year. Has anybody got any new ideas I could try this year.


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