Anyone tried making epine?

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Anyone tried making epine?

Post by smallblueplanet » 22 Oct 2013, 19:29

As the British use the berries of the blackthorn to make sloe gin, in France an aperitif is flavoured with the leaves ... make-epine
Épine apéritif

2½ litres of red wine or homemade red fruit wine such as blackberry or elderberry
Half a bottle of brandy or eau-de-vie
500g sugar
About half a litre of blackthorn leaves (don't use more leaves than I recommend because blackthorn, like all the plum species, produce traces of cyanide as a byproduct of the almond flavour it imparts)

Put all the ingredients into a food quality plastic container, stir and fit the lid tightly. Leave for two weeks, stirring occasionally. Transfer to clean bottles using a funnel and some doubled-up muslin cloth to filter out the bits. As with nearly all drinks it improves with age. Santé!
More info here:

Sounds interesting and something to make in late Spring time?

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Re: Anyone tried making epine?

Post by spammeplease » 23 Oct 2013, 15:01

Blackthorn leaves, eh? Never tried it myself but I do make a similar thing with Beech leaves (beech noyeau?) if I can catch them on the day they all come out. 2 versions - the wine one tastes disgusting, the gin one tastes disgusting but is strangely moreish.

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