HELP!!! Sloe Whisky

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HELP!!! Sloe Whisky

Post by Cobie » 11 Oct 2010, 15:56

Hi All

I'm a newie to making things with sloes and I have rather a large supply of good whisky I would like to turn into sloe whisky (normally I don't like the taste of whisky but I bought some sloe whisky last year at an agricultural show and it was amazing)!

Has anyone got any ideas for recipies and methods etc. I have picked about 2.5kg of sloes.They're cleaned & de-stalked etc and are in the freezer as we speak. How long do I need to freeze them before the skins split. When they defrost do I put the fruit and the juices in with the whisky? I really do not have clue where to start except for putting them in a bottle with sugar (what kind - caster, granulated, brown, muscavado)??? How much whisky to sloes to sugar :evil: It's a mine field with so many recipies out there.

Can anyone help - it will be greatly appreciated. Please remember I am a complete idiot with this so idiot proof instructions please.
Thanks in advance
Idiot :-)

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Re: HELP!!! Sloe Whisky

Post by Blackthorn » 21 Oct 2010, 10:51

You probably can't go wrong if you simply follow the sloe gin recipe on and substitute whisky for the gin. Only vary or change the recipe on your second batch - if you get that far. So stick with normal granulated sugar for your first batch, and only experiment with brown sugar and other variations on a later batch - if you really want to.
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Re: HELP!!! Sloe Whisky

Post by your man godfrey » 25 Nov 2010, 19:34

I really like Sloe Whisky and find it mixes really well with ginger beer. This recipe sounds good to me, I would add some sugar and then sugar to taste as the amount needed would vary depending on the whisky.

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