Frozen sloes - one year old!

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Galloway Gal
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Frozen sloes - one year old!

Post by Galloway Gal » 18 Nov 2008, 17:36

I have just discovered a novel way of getting around the problem of having limited sloes this year - unearth sloes that you didn't know you had in the bottom of your freezer!

Seriously tho', as you may have picked up from my exploits with Lavender in my sloe gin and my Sloe Sauce exploits elsewhere on this forum, there isn't a lot I won't try in the pursuit of a foodie delight: h-o-w-e-v-e-r, is using sloes that have been rattling around the bottom of my freezer for over a year one step too far?

What do people think? Will they be worth messing about with? I tend to think so and my "you don't know till you try" gene thinks so too - but does anybody out there KNOW?

Any info or views or comments would be appreciated.


Galloway Gal

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Re: Frozen sloes - one year old!

Post by midgetgem » 31 Dec 2008, 16:14

Hi, Galloway Gal.

Definitely NOT a step too far.
I froze 1.6 kg of sloes, washed and destalked, in November 2007. Having got over the initial panic and anxiety attack brought on by the lack of sloes this year, I defrosted them slowly in warm water (you know, the way you do when you're melting chocolate), in early September.
A trip to ASDA for four bottles of their cheapo whisky and Bob's your aunty.
Almost for and a half bottles of sloe whisky - the best batch for five or more years - beautiful !
And I do know one thing for certain; I'll be picking extra in '09 and freezing them - just in case !

So, if you haven't already done so GG, give it a go and Let us know the verdict.

Kind regards and a Happy New Year to all.


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