white rum & blackberry or sloe

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white rum & blackberry or sloe

Post by graham.p » 09 Oct 2006, 22:43

Hi everyone ,my first posting just wondering has anyone tried sloes or blackberry with white rum thought it might be Ok would welcome any replies or suggestions

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Post by sloeber » 10 Oct 2006, 12:13

Hi graham not tried anything with white rum but nothing stopping you from experimenting. If you do try it would be good to hear the results. Good luck

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Post by shocker » 12 Nov 2006, 18:25

I´ve tried sloes with white rum, was rather disappointed so I poured it into a party punch, but was very pleased with dark rum. A bit of an acquired taste, and definitely improves with age.
After a few years it´s at its best, and I´ve been using it to feed my Christmas cake for some years now!!

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White rum and Blackberry

Post by midgetgem » 16 Oct 2007, 11:46

Hello folks. This is my first time on the site - a quick reply to graham.p re blackberries in white rum. I made it last year as a way of using up the fruit left over from my wife's jam making. Can't say I was thrilled but the wife downed the lot - 2 litres in 2 months - said it was gorgeous though a little sweet. So this year I've cut the sugar by half and put down 3 litres which should be ready for Christmas. Measures: 1 ltr cheap bacardi, 400gm ripe blackberries, 200gm granulated sugar. Still a little too sweet for me but the boss likes it. Hope this is a help.[/code]

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