Damson & Sloe Gin

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Damson & Sloe Gin

Post by SloeWolf » 31 Mar 2010, 18:18

I was bottling up my damson gin and i ended up with a half a 70cl bottle filled, so i went to the freezer and filled the bottle up with some sloes i had in there and a small amount of sugar. The damsons were left for 5 months in the bottle, made to the recipe in damson section. I am going to leave the sloes in for as close to 6 months as i can. Has anyone attempted this before or anything similar and im hoping the damson gin will still be able to take on the sloe flavour as i am unsure how much you can saturate the gin. I will report back about september time hopefully to write up the first taste

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Re: Damson & Sloe Gin

Post by ChrisR » 19 Mar 2015, 22:50

I found myself picking sloes and white bullaces on the same day and mixing them in the collecting bag. This gave me the idea to try a mixture of them in gin with more sloes than bullaces and the results have been fantastic! The white bullaces, as you'd expect, make the colour slightly paler but the flavour is like a sloe gin but a little more plummy. :)


This is how it looked after a few days:


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