Apple Gin / Vodka??

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looby loo
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Apple Gin / Vodka??

Post by looby loo » 24 Oct 2008, 10:11

Hi to you all,

I have been told that in the absence of Sloes i can use Apples to make Apple Gin / Vodka. Can anyone tell me if this is true.
If it is, does anyone have a recipe please?
Why do they call it Sloe Gin when it disappears so quickly?

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Re: Apple Gin / Vodka??

Post by frosty » 09 Feb 2009, 14:27

I have come across a recipe for a crabapple Gin/vodka drink in the recipes section and although it is a little late now, I may give it a try next year, this probably doesn't help in your quest

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Re: Apple Gin / Vodka??

Post by Sloe-ly Does It! » 27 Jul 2009, 01:23

Hi Looby Loo,

Unfortunately I don't have a recipe for apple gin, but I would say that maybe you could try and adapt the Sloe Gin recipe and with a little trial and error, (enjoy the error as much as the trial - :) ) you may just come up trumps with a respectable apple gin/vodka recipe.

I'd say it's all about having fun, (and a few 'hics' too).

Sloe-ly Does It!

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Re: Apple Gin / Vodka??

Post by VJJ » 03 May 2012, 14:14

I have made apple gin for the last couple of years (along with sloe gin, damson gin and orange whisky) and a number of people prefer it to any of the others.
It's certainly been a case of making it up as I've gone along but I've simply put a 70cl bottle of gin in a 1.5 litre jar, added sugar and filled it by adding apples. In the past I've removed the apple cores and pulped them quickly in a food processor. I'm trying some now with whole apples roughly chopped to see if there is any difference.
I guess that apples vary in sugar content more than sloes (?) so I tend to start with about 100g of sugar and add more to taste as it goes along. I've only used cooking apples so far (just because they are what's available in the garden) but I expect it might be wise to start with less sugar if you use eaters?
I've left it for about 2 or 3 months, turning in the same way as sloe gin. It seems to need a bit more filtering but perhaps that's just because I've pulped the apples and squeeze them to recover the gin.
I can't pretend that this is any sort of formal recipe - it's still work in progress - and I'd be grateful for anyone else's experiences.

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