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Post by jollygreengiant » 03 Oct 2006, 09:04

OK, another thread! There are a lot of rosehips about at the moment - has anyone ever tried making some sort of liqueur with these?

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Rosehip Syrup

Post by deadsloeandstop » 07 Oct 2006, 19:44

From this month's Waireose Food Illustrated...Rosehip Syrup!

700g freshly gathered rosehips
1kg fruit sugar
1/2 tsp rosewater (optional)
1tbsp lemon juice

Wash the rosehips, removing any damaged fruit. Carefully snip off the flower remnants. Place in a pan and coer with water, then simmer for 20 mins until soft. Strain into a bowl through a fine sieve and return the pulp to a saucepan, adding roughly the same amount of water, and repeat for the second and third extraction.

Measure the juice into a clean pan and add 1 cup of fruit sugar to every 2 cups of juice. Add the rose water and lemon juice and simmer for 20 mins more, removing the froth with a large metal spoon. Pour into sterilised bottles and seal while still warm.

Serve your rosehip syrup on pancakes, or with Greek yoghurt or vanilla ice cream.

Enjoy :D

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Post by Srebarna Birding » 12 Nov 2006, 11:59

I have posted to refresh this topic....there must be some good ideas out there...

Has anyone tried a liqueur from Rosehips?

I always make tea with mine...good to keep the colds away... :wink: especially when it gets down to -17 degrees!! :roll:

I would love to experiment further with them...there are so many this year.... :lol: :lol:
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Re: Rosehips

Post by katebak » 15 Mar 2008, 09:39

jollygreengiant wrote:OK, another thread! There are a lot of rosehips about at the moment - has anyone ever tried making some sort of liqueur with these?

I made rose hip wine once - it was awful :!:

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Re: Rosehips

Post by Arjuna54 » 14 Sep 2008, 17:52

I Have never done it but there is a nice website that details how to make rosehip schnapps:

Again this is a great website with a lot of recipes for many other liquer's.

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Re: Rosehips

Post by Shiro » 09 Dec 2010, 21:58

Hmmm interesting.
Just finished making Rosehip Rum. Same process as sloe gin but obviously different items.

I also simmered the rosehips half way through the process because the colour of the rum was still fairly white.

Just decantered it and gave it a taste... its nice enough... not what I expected. Thought it would have a real rosey taste but its quite sweet.
Maybe try again but add a few drops of rose water like they use in cake making and see how that turns out.

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