What other fruit do you bottle? Exchange recipe ideas here (No sloes or damsons here please)

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Post by Harvie » 16 Aug 2005, 14:56

Its Mulberry season. If you know any body who has one of these trees originally imported from China for the silk trade, they will be grateful for your offer to try and take the hugely staining and soft fruit away. This does quite honestly make the finest gin steeper.

Luckily a friend of ours had the paint of his car stained by the fruit (it really is that strong) and we offered to hang nets to catch the fruit.

It is a gorgeous steeper!

And with a reference to the thread below do not mix! Make a pure fruit steep.

Does any one else out there use Mulberries?
Sloe is good
Damson is fine
Mulberry is best
but I love Elderberry wine!

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