HELP Have I messed up my recipe?

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HELP Have I messed up my recipe?

Post by Neilstalbans » 17 Dec 2017, 21:43

I have a tiny bit of damson gin I made 7 years ago left over which is perfect but I have no record of the mix of quantities.

My current batch is:

Damsons 1700g
Sugar 1000g
Gin 1.65l

It tastes too strong and too sweet to me and it is yet to be decanted.

I have no more damsons and I think I’ve overdone the sugar and am wondering whether adding more gin and giving it another month or two would help.

Basically I’m concerned I’ve wrecked the whole batch, and this is one of 3 bottles on the go...

If I add more gin, how much and how long for!?

Cheers, Neil

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