Damson Gin Recipe

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Chris Rogers
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Damson Gin Recipe

Post by Chris Rogers » 26 Aug 2004, 11:56

Here's the recipe that I've been using for a number of years. It's much like making sloe gin, but with one big difference. There's a very usable bye product!

Ingredients Makes 700ml (1¼ pints)
Damsons - 450g (1 lb), stalks removed
Damsons are picked from late August to late September depending on summer weather conditions. Choose ripe, soft, fruit.
Sugar - 60g (2 oz)
Gin – 70cl (1¼ pints) (std. UK bottle)

1 gall. Demijohn is ideal for 2.8l
(5 pints, 4 bottles)
Bottles for final bottling. The original gin bottles are ideal.
Nylon coffee filter or muslin cloth.

Wash the damsons in cold water & freeze for 48hrs. Freezing serves two purposes. It causes the skins of the fruit to split removing the need to prick the fruit & it makes it far simpler to put the fruit into a demijohn. Add damsons, gin & sugar to a sealable bottle.

Shake bottle daily for the first two weeks, and then every week for the remaining period.
Keep for a minimum of 3 months. This should produce a deeply coloured rich & fruity liquor. For a richer slightly sharper taste leave for 4 months. The extra month will allow the flavour of the damson stones to further influence the final result. After 3 or 4 months, strain the liquor through the coffee filter or muslin cloth to remove any damson residue. Re-bottle and store in a cool dry place until required.
Don’t discard the used fruit! Served with cream or ice-cream it makes an luxurious desert perfectly suited to those who enjoy the drink. A word of caution, the used fruit is equal in strength to the damson gin! The used fruit freezes well for later use.
All the best,
Chris Rogers

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Damdon Gin by product

Post by mishmumkin » 30 Oct 2004, 13:44

I can also highly recommend the infused damsons be used to make an absolutely wicked Damson Crumble!! :twisted:

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Re: Damson Gin Recipe

Post by primapride » 18 Sep 2009, 12:31

I am a little confused on damson gin recipes. I have used the one from here which says 2 ounces of sugar yet most of the others are using for example 3-2-1 ie 3lb damsons, 2lb sugar, 1 pint of gin. Have I got this right?

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Re: Damson Gin Recipe

Post by thestens » 22 Sep 2009, 20:25

Anybody used the Damsons from the gin to make jam. I was wondering if the pectin was removed during the infusion. If not it'll have to be the crumble. But oh all those bloody stones.

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Re: Damdon Gin by product

Post by sloewight » 30 Sep 2009, 11:10

mishmumkin wrote:I can also highly recommend the infused damsons be used to make an absolutely wicked Damson Crumble!! :twisted:
picked wild damsons yesterday 14 pounds, i will prick some and feeze some , as oap pension does,nt run to buying that much gin at one time, after the sloes have been taken off the gin I infuse them in stong cider, a many an afternoon was taken up sipping the contents on the patio :D :D

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Re: Damson Gin Recipe

Post by SloeWolf » 11 May 2010, 19:29

What a good recipe, i did this to fill a demi john and left it for about 5 months and bottled, excellent flavour still needs to be left in the bottle for a while, really nice and smooth once it has sat in the bottle for a couple of months. Definitly slightly more alcoholic tasting than the sloe gin, had mixed reactions with tasters some preferred this to the sloe gin.I gave all the old fruit to my nan who made an excellent jam with it, highly recommend seems a shame to waste something so usable. i had a half filled 70cl bottle and i decided to top it up with sloes and a little more sugar and am going to leave this till around august time(was bottled halfway through march) and see how the sloes bring it on.

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