Damson Gin - how much sugar?

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Damson Gin - how much sugar?

Post by MelHall » 28 Sep 2009, 18:03

Hi there, am new to the site so apologies if this topic has been hotly debated before now :)

Have just made Damson Gin and used 2oz sugar to just over 1lb of Damsons - some recipes use up to 6oz. Guessed you can add more sugar later on but can't take sugar out if you've used too much at the start :roll:

Am keen to hear the sugar quantities others use and if I am to add more sugar when should I be doing this (just after making or nearer drinking time).

Many thanks, M

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Re: Damson Gin - how much sugar?

Post by avjones » 28 Sep 2009, 19:10

I'eve not made damson gin, but I use 4oz for sloe gin. As damsons are sweeter, 6oz of sugar sounds like an awful lot, to me.


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