last years fruit

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last years fruit

Post by sally » 02 Sep 2009, 13:16

I think the fruits I have are damsons as they are too big to drop into the spirit bottles as I understand sloes can be, and I have just found a tub from last year with the fruit still sitting in the gin that I forgot to strain, will it still be useable? or shall I throw it all away. Also, I have several bottles from last year that weren't drunk, but have had 'loose lids' to prevent explosions, can I decant these and drink? I don't want to risk making anyone ill....

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Re: last years fruit

Post by frosty » 03 Sep 2009, 18:37

be a devil and give it a try, if the mixture is in a sealed bottle I think you may be safe, don't tell your N O K that i suggested this just in case......

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Re: last years fruit

Post by sloewight » 25 Sep 2009, 10:07

found some sloes in march bottom of freezer, have just bottled , beautiful, also had gin on sloes, untill march from last year, same result, i,m off next week to get this years sloe,s , Have fun :D :D

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