Wild Plums

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Wild Plums

Post by skinner » 29 Jul 2006, 14:10

Hi again everyone
It's nearly that time of year again whoooohoooo :wink:
Here's a question for someone.
I'm lucky enough to have some wild plum trees growing in the hedgerows close by, some red some yellow, small and large, quite a variation.
Could i make a wild plum gin and would it be the same recipe as damson gin. Also would i use a mixture of the different fruits, i did taste some of them, and there is a big difference in sweetness and tartness.
Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

skinner :wink:

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Post by deadsloeandstop » 09 Aug 2006, 07:44

Hello Skinner,

I've previously posted (but forgotten which thread :roll: ) that I made Bullace Gin last year...which I tipped down the drain, as it was horrendous... :shock: , so if you do succeed in making a decent wild plum gin, I'd be interested to know the recipe.

In the event you don't use them for gin, you could always make some jams.

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Post by skinner » 09 Aug 2006, 10:37

Hi deadsloeandstop.
If i do have any success with them, i will let you know :?
Thanks for the reply :wink:

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Post by nubnuts » 09 Aug 2006, 23:17

Wow, you have a supply of hedge plums!

I'm not convinced they'd make a good gin, but they do make fantastic jam, especially the yellow ones.

Good luck either way!

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