Sloe Gin - Slider

Post recipes and methods here for jams and preserves made with sloes. This section is non-alcoholic.

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Sloe Gin - Slider

Post by tessa » 23 Nov 2011, 19:43

ok i made some slider to see what it was like. Smells a bit more potent than the cider did!

Does any one know how long it lasts for once it is bottled?


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Re: Sloe Gin - Slider

Post by GARYSMIFF » 20 Oct 2015, 14:53

its is down to the % alcohol used combined with do you want to drink the Slider with a slight effervescence or flat.

I tend to put Cider in it ( Co-op 2 Ltr )give it a good swill / leave it a day then sieve/ tea strainer from the Demijon to the Glass ( yes DJ, I make 4 Lr Batches at a time.

Once thats gone ( few hours after drinking ) I add another 2ltrs and mash up the fruit a bit more and leave for a week.

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