Sloes across the pond

Post recipes and methods here for jams and preserves made with sloes. This section is non-alcoholic.

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Sloes across the pond

Post by larryt3162 » 15 Sep 2010, 19:49

I'm new to the board and I notice that most of the users are from the UK/Europe area. Are there any fans from the other side (of the Atlantic, that is)?
I live in the deep south (Mississippi to be exact) and I remember my father talking about sloes but they are difficult to find here now. I finally located a guy who said he had some and was nice enough to give me a couple to plant. Over/down here they seem to be 'understory' trees/bushes, tho' I have one planted more out in the open. My county agent was no help and I haven't been successful in locating any good information on their cultivation, as of yet. I'm really excited to find someone who has knowledge of them.
My interest is more towards the jelly/jam side than the gin, but who know, I may have to give that a try too. I did see one reference to sloe wine, but it was brief and merely seem to say that sloe wine was similar to wild cherry wine in that it needed to age a couple of years.

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Re: Sloes across the pond

Post by spiky » 05 Nov 2010, 16:03

Hello Larry,
I had a glut of sloes this year and found a recipe for wine in my Dad's old brewing recipe book, basically 4lbs of fruit, 3 lbs of sugar, general purpose yeast. The only novelty being to ferment on the fruit pulp for only 3 days. I have tried it and it is clearing now to a lovely pale pink colour, I'll let you know how it tastes later.

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