Sloes in a Crumble - anyone tried it?

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Sloes in a Crumble - anyone tried it?

Post by Galloway Gal » 18 Nov 2008, 17:45

Having just unearthed a stash of 2007 sloes in my freezer (see elsewhere on this forum), I was wondering if anybody has ever tried adding sloes to an apple crumble?

The sloes I picked last year, whilst avowedly sloes and not bullaces, were so big and luscious and almost sweet, they may just as well have been bullaces. So my question is this - has anybody tried adding them to a crumble (with LOTS of sugar, I would guess) and what were the results?

I've added damsons that were as hard as bullets to a crumble before now, so I think this should work (notwithstanding that the sloes are over a year old) - but has anybody tried this?

Feedback, comments, recipes all welcome.......

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Re: Sloes in a Crumble - anyone tried it?

Post by jarrick » 01 Nov 2010, 21:36

I just made a crumble from the used sloes of making gin:

14 oz flour (gluten free)
7 oz butter
7 oz brown sugar

6 oz stoned sloes (marinaded in gin and brandy for a year)
17.5 oz cooking apples
2 oz white sugar sprinked over fruit.

put in a 9" x 2" square baking tin.
baked in a fan oven 180 degrees C for 30 mins.

first I squashed up the flour and butter, then added the sugar and squashed it more. it went into the consistancy of marzipan so had to sprinkle a bit more flour over whilst doing the crumbling bit (never have that problem with wheat flour).
then I peeled and chopped up the cooking apples (17.5 oz is just what they came to but I recon a rough ratio of 3:1 apples to sloes tasted ok) mixed them with the sloes and sugar.
then I just spread the uncooked fruit in the bottom of the pan and spread the crumble over the top (some people cook the fruit layer first but I find you don't need to).

rusults - it was a bit lacking in moisture. I've never cooked with gluten free flour before so it could be that but next time, I'll add a drop of water or sloe gin to the fruit. Also, I stoned the sloes by squashing them with a fork and picking out the stones, I found the skins to be a slightly unpleasant texture (kind of dryish) so next time I'll chop them up.
I like a crumble layer as thick as the fruit layer and this is what I ended up with so adjust the crumble to fruit ratio according to your own preferences.
Appart from the dryness, which was compensated for with a heaping of greek yoghurt, the alcoholic sloe flavour went well with apple and I'll be making another one for sure.

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