Sloe and Apple Cheese

Post recipes and methods here for jams and preserves made with sloes. This section is non-alcoholic.

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Sloe and Apple Cheese

Post by malty45 » 08 Oct 2006, 10:56

Jams and Preserves > Sloe and apple cheese
This is from Roger Philips book " Wild Food " .
3lbs apples
half pint water
2lb sloes
wash apples and sloes.
cut up apples without peeling or coring.Simmer in preserving pan until apples are soft and broken.
add sloes and simmer until soft.
Put thruogh a sieve and weigh puree.
1lb of sugar to 1lb sloes.
Stir in sugar over a low heat until dissolved.
Bring to the boil and then simmer until mixture is thick (about an hr)
Pour into sterilized jars with straight sides (?) and cover. Goes well with cold meats esp game.

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