Cutting the Gin with Wine !

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Cutting the Gin with Wine !

Post by Lagerdup » 03 Nov 2004, 10:20

From what I've read so far the majority of you guy's will balk at the following idea but I make two sorts of SG.
1, The more trad method of Gin, Sloes and sugar (I find light soft brown or unrefined granulated works best for me.)
2, (and this is where you guys may get a little scared.) Use about 4oz. Sloes, 3oz. sugar, 1/4 bottle of Gin and then make up to a full bottle with a light fruity red wine (Approx 3/4 of a bottle.) While you dont get the full on punch of normal SG it's a wonderful light alternative. It's also ready to drink within 6 - 8 weeks so ready for Christmas. It keeps well (if you can keep it that long :D )for up to a year but not for much longer.

Good to see there are so many fans of SG out there, we make about 8 litres of wine/gin and 2 - 3 litres of straight gin each year, some to give as gifts (Having tasted the shop bought stuff I would rather give people our version than see them suffer drinking that rubbish) some to keep over till next winter, and of course a little sampling of the current years produce.[/b]

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