Sloe gin advice needed.

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Sloe gin advice needed.

Post by Gullarm » 22 Sep 2017, 18:04

I stated a batch of sloe gin and whiskey last year, but didn't add any sugar. I kept meaning to but never got around to it, the wife has now moaned at me to get it sorted. :evil:

The question is how I proceed.

I used 1.5ltrs of gin and I think 350gms of Sloes (that seems a bit low TBH, but I can’t remember) - the labels that I cleverly wrote on the bottle has faded and now I can tell what it says. I used the same method for the whiskey.

I followed the recipe I received with the sloes, just increased the amount but all in proportion. The sloes were dried so I rehydrated them overnight.

Any advice warmly received.

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Re: Sloe gin advice needed.

Post by Phil » 22 Sep 2017, 20:46

I normally use about 1/2 kilo per litre. Sugar is normally added at the start but I dislike the amount that many recipes call for and start off with around 3 desert spoons per litre initially and then add a little more at tasting sessions.

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Re: Sloe gin advice needed.

Post by Blackthorn » 02 Oct 2017, 10:55

Adding sugar at the beginning helps draw sweetness and flavour from the sloes in a way that including it some months later just can't compare. You can try adding a wine glass of sugar to your bottles though, to improve sweetness - more or less, to taste.

What I find MUCH more interesting about your question is that you used DRIED sloes for your sloe gin! Dried sloes have been discussed on before... but I am not aware of any great success stories. Feedback has always, well, dried up.

Suggestion: go out now and pick some fresh sloes... prick them... add sugar and gin... and enjoy at Christmas :D
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Re: Sloe gin advice needed.

Post by KRF1963 » 06 Oct 2017, 18:22

I don't prick my sloes at all. Instead I add the sloes and sugar as per the sloebiz recipe. I then shake vigorously and leave for 24 hours shaking whenever I pass the jars.

Next day I add the gin and shake daily until sugar dissolves. Leave for at least 6 months and then decant and bottle. Tried pricking in the past but this seems as effective and much less effort.

The pre-gin sugaring seems to break down the skins a little and the gin prevents or stops any fermentation from yeasts on the fruit.

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