How far from roads ?

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How far from roads ?

Post by kev » 08 Apr 2016, 23:29

I have my usual sloe patch which isn't particularly big but has produced enough for me to make around 6 litres a year.
I regularly keep my eyes open at this time of year for other possible sites just in case I can't get many from my local patch for whatever reason - poor crop, farmer hedge trimming or other pickers.
I have located quite a few possibilities with many being almost tree like - could these be blackthorn being so big ?
Many of these that I have located are near motorways and my concern is that the fruits may contain unpleasant exhaust emissions etc.
So my question is how far away from such roads is a safe distance to use sloes ?
Also, can some patches bloom and ripen at different times even when within a couple of miles of each other ?

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Re: How far from roads ?

Post by Phil » 13 Apr 2016, 21:22

One of my regular patches is close to a fairly main road. I always give them a soak for an hour before using and have never noticed any problems.

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