Decanting Sloe Gin

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Decanting Sloe Gin

Post by Peter » 16 Oct 2004, 12:43

I have made Sloe Gin in the past and have never had a problem with straining the fruit. Last year I did. Is there a fool proof way to get rid of the fruit residue that will ensure a clear clean drink? Would appreciate any help along this line.
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Post by Blackthorn » 19 Oct 2004, 00:15

Just remove the sloes and allow the cloudiness or sediment to settle for a day or two before pouring off the clear sloe gin into a clean bottle. Repeat this process as often as necessary to obtain absolutely perfectly clear sloe gin!

Even quite a clear bottle will benefit from being decanted again after a week or two - after the last of the very finest sediment has settled to the bottom.

The last dregs of each bottle can be poured through a paper coffee filter if necessary.
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