Variations on Sloe Gin?

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Variations on Sloe Gin?

Post by EuRob » 11 Sep 2014, 17:12

Hi all

It's coming up to that part of the year again and I am starting to think about my batch of sloe gin to come!
Last year I made (as well as the hoard of normal scrumptious sloe gin) 1L of Sloe Gin and used honey instead of sugar as a variation from the norm. It turned out ok and me and my mates drank it with pleasure, wasn't a knockout though! The year previous I made Raspberry gin but it didn't keep well and I ended up chucking it as it tasted rank! It was lovely after 3 months but it turned quite quick!
So this year I am going to make another variation bottle again. Any suggestions on what is lush? (Everyone likes different tastes yes yes)
Am thinking one from Vanilla, Cinnamon, cloves, Cardomom pods?
Let me know your thoughts on the above or any flavour
Rob :)

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Re: Variations on Sloe Gin?

Post by ChrisR » 19 Mar 2015, 19:34

Last season was my first and, being a scientist at heart, I went a bit crazy so I picked virtually every edible berry in my area and tried them in different gins and vodkas. I have done sloe gin, damson gin, damson vodka, white bullace gin, white bullace vodka, sloe & white bullace gin, blackberry vodka, and hawthorn vodka - and all are absolutely delicious! Slightly less successful were the elderberry, cherry plum, quince and crab apple but I am going to leave them to age well and then I will see next Christmas :)

I did a nice Christmassy white bullace+cinnamon+clove vodka which smells gorgeous but you have to be really careful with the cloves - about 2-3 are enough in a litre. Again this one is being aged for next Christmas :)

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