Sloe Map - Add Your Own

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Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by AdamR » 16 Sep 2011, 13:30

There's quite a lot of posts on here asking 'where can I find sloes in xxxxxxxx?', and we all probably have our own favourite sloe-cations (...sorry), so I thought why not share the love? :)

I've created a Google Map which should be editable by anyone who's got a google account of any kind, so in theory anyone here can find their favourite spots and add a pointer to the map. Here's the map itself - ... dba0172185 - and if you're signed in with google it should show an 'Edit' button on the left. Click that, then the pointer button at the top of the map and make your mark somewhere. You can add some text with directions if necessary, and a name for the spot. If you get stuck adding locations, there's some help on this page.

I know some might have their favourite secret spots, but if you know somewhere with plenty to spare, I thought it might be nice for other locals to find them.

I hope I'm not treading on any toes, and if anyone has any problems with it, just reply here and I'll see if I can help. :)

(note: at the moment the little pointer icons don't seem to be working on Internet Explorer, I understand Google are working on it)

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by guyn » 18 Sep 2011, 19:00

If anyone is short of fresh sloes. We seem to have a bumper crop. Guy n

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by AdamR » 21 Sep 2011, 10:00

Cool, it's slowly starting to fill up. If anyone knows of locations and doesn't have the time or can't figure out how to add their own, just reply here with a good description and location and I'll happily add them to the map :)

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by SloepyD » 21 Sep 2011, 13:20

Added the Sloe's we pick in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by SWLondoner » 29 Sep 2011, 11:44

I've added for Molesey SW London.

This thread should be stickied.

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by PinkyPig » 01 Oct 2011, 17:42

I added a Bridleway which is between Brentwood and Harold Wood in Essex. I ride along it and couldn't help but notice all the sloes!

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by eaglesnest3 » 07 Oct 2011, 14:38

Can't figure out how to add a spot. It's on the road that runs North out of Taynton village, near Burford. (Good crop this year)

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by anniec » 17 Oct 2011, 00:08

This year they are already a bit shrivelled, but for future years, Maindy Road in Pontypridd has a good crop. :)

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by mrs-housewife » 22 Oct 2011, 17:18

I cant figure out how to put my little pin on the map, so I'll type in my two favourite plentiful locations here so everyone knows and if anyone can put it on the map THANK YOU!!

Monkwood Green in Wichenford, and on the Martley Road by the Bakery - both in Worcester xxxx

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by Early Bird » 15 Dec 2011, 11:08

SWLondoner, I looked at the map but there is no Molesey location there the nearest is Cobham. I can't add it myself as I don't have a Google account so can you check it please, ta.

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by penguinbrau » 19 Feb 2012, 20:49

Great map. I was toying with the idea of doing something similar myself but never got around to it. I've added my local patch to the map.

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own - Help Please

Post by Preston 007 » 23 Oct 2012, 23:17

Hi all,
I have only just found, and quickly joined, this forum as I am desperate to find where I can find some sloes.
I have tried accessing the map via google but cannot get it to work:(
I live in West Sussex and would be SO grateful to anyone who can tell me where my nearest location is?
I am visiting my dad in Southend tomorrow so if anyone knows of anywhere local to there please let me know.
Sorry to add yet another "where can I find" post!!
Many thanks in advance

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Cardiff - Newport - Valley

Post by Ricco » 17 Nov 2012, 07:43

Anyone got a few bush locations they want to share?

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Re: Sloe Map - Add Your Own

Post by Moonich » 16 Dec 2012, 01:15

Not local, unless we have some German readers. My eyes were on stalks at the sight of branches laden with fruit. Any other time, I would have had no qualms with picking them and making up a batch in the hotel later. But these were located in the memorial park in the grounds of the Topography of Terrors in Berlin.

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