When to remove berries from the gin?

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When to remove berries from the gin?

Post by oldFAQs » 14 Mar 2004, 19:49

Your recipe doesn't actually say when to remove the sloes. Is this after 2months, or perhaps not at all?

Keith from Somerset, 25 Sep 2003

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Post by Blackthorn » 14 Mar 2004, 22:11

Two to three months is a minimum, I think, but will still allow you a taste at Christmas, or later in the winter.

I now tend to leave my sloes in for about six months before removing. I then decant the clear liquor off into clean bottles and leave for the next Christmas/winter.

I am sure there is no benefit to leaving them in any longer than 6 months. After three years, one batch developed a slightly (undesireable) nutty taste - so I won't do that again!
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