White particles

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White particles

Post by Beejay2 » 06 Dec 2018, 17:14

Hi all, I'm a newbie having received a beautiful bottle of sloe gin from my brother last year, which caused me to be hooked on the nectar! I made one batch with the first picking which seemed really firm, that's brewing well. However, my next batch was done with very ripe berries, which had been frozen. I rinsed them over and then pricked even tho they were softer (and juicier!). Added some sugar and the gin, then shook as before. Stored in garage in darkness and cool.
I have now found that there are white particles floating.... I've looked at some posts on here re this and don't seem to see any replies confirming if could be mould....so is there anyone outre that can confirm if this is possible and if so, safe to use or not please?
Thanks to all who can help!

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Re: White particles

Post by Daddysloe » 17 Dec 2018, 16:37

Sorry, but it sounds like mould to me, probably from handling the sloes again after washing. I don`t bother pricking them after freezing, smash them in the bag while frozen against the garage wall or with heavy wooded rolling pin or mallet and put them in the container frozen and pour the gin on top with the sugar..... no messy hands that way either. I`ve never had mould on sloe gin, but did get a lot on the syrup I did last year and that was little white blobs on the top of the syrup in bottles in the fridge, when left out of the fridge it soon multiplied. i would chuck it.

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