Sloe Vodka is my birthday choice

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Sloe Vodka is my birthday choice

Post by oldFAQs » 14 Mar 2004, 19:01

Well I hope I don't ostracize myself from everyone this site but try sloe
vodka - exactly the same recipe but swap the gin for vodka (obviously).

Also, I always pick the berries on my birthday 12th Sept, little bit
of a tradition ( I usually do other more exciting things on that day as well
mind )
Sarah, 8 Sep 03
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Post by Blackthorn » 14 Mar 2004, 21:17

At least you're using sloes in your Vodka.

You'd be suprised at the number of people who ask me what to do with their bl**dy damsons!

Have a good birthday,
- Brian
"There's no biz like"

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