salmakki vodka (salt liquorice vodka)

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salmakki vodka (salt liquorice vodka)

Post by geofspa » 12 Nov 2011, 16:18

Hi Everyone

My name is Geof and I am new to these forums.

First may I say what great forums these are ... well run and completely on topic ... fantastic to see.

This year is such a good year countrywide for sloes, bullaces and damsons ... the hedgerows in Leicestershire are purple (unless the farmer has been around with his chain ripping machine tidying his hedges!!!!!)

I have just started 6l of wild damson vodka (no I will not let you know where I collect them) and found myself with 1l of vodka left over.... what to do with it?

Well I have Finnish friends and I remembered that Harri had told me that in Finland/Scandanavia they add salmakki (salt liquorice) to vodka. As he had bought me a large amount of salmakki on his last visit to UK I decided to try it out.

Not sure of the quantities I added about 50 diamond lonzenge tablets of the sweet to 1l of vodka - nothing else! I resealed the 1.5l bottle and left it for 24 hrs. When I looked again there was a black "sludge" at the bottom of the bottle, so I shook it. Most of the salmakki had dissolved - but not all so another 24 hrs and again a shake, great it had all dissolved into the vodka.

Although the resultant vodka looks awful - it is a muddy brown - and it smells of cough mixture - it tastes wonderful. Infact as I am speaking I am sipping the results and am thinking "There goes my unusual xmas presents".

I think maybe this would be an acquired taste.

Has anyone reading these posts got any other very unusual receipies for spare vodka/gin/brandy/..... ?

Looking forward to your responses.

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