Sloe Brandy

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Sloe Brandy

Post by penguinbrau » 19 Jan 2010, 20:41

I have just bottled my first attempt at making a sloe brandy. I started a sloe gin at the same time. The procedure was identical for both:

800g sloes (previously frozen)
200g sugar
750ml gin or brandy

I ended up with about 1 litre of finished drink. The gin seems to have picked up more flavour than the brandy and the brandy seems a bit sweeter.

I am reusing the sloes to create some kind of sloe schnapps. I made a few bottles of schnapps a few years ago, each about 20% alcohol. The peach schnapps was really nice and didn't last long but the vanilla schnapps was awful and has been sitting on the shelf untouched ever since. I tried to find things to mix it with but nothing worked. Yesterday chucked it in a jug with the sloes and added the dregs of the gin and brandy which wouldn't pass through the coffee filter. I'll give it a few months to see if it makes the awful stuff a bit more drinkable.

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Re: Sloe Brandy

Post by midgetgem » 20 Jan 2010, 22:46

I've just tried to bottle my first attempt at sloe brandy. the time the wife and I had finished 'sampling' there wasn't enough left worth bottling!
Absolutely lipsmackingly brill. I used the same recipe as for sloe gin: 400g sloes, 110g sugar, 75cl cheap Asda smartprice brandy. That was 3 months ago and I'm going to make a load more tomorrow for late spring/early summer. Roll on May !

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