Sloe vodka to America

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Sloe vodka to America

Post by oldFAQs » 14 Mar 2004, 20:45

While in Ireland in Oct My Nephew gave me some Sloes. And knowing that I couldn't bring back the Berries to America & also don't like Gin.

I put the sloes in a bottle & added Volka & sugar instead. Well I tasted a little last night & it tasted wonderful.

Plus I came through customs without any trouble.

I would like to find to find out where I can find sloes in America. I don't know if we have the Blackthorn here.
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Post by cellartroll » 14 Sep 2006, 15:54

In home-brew shops here in the UK you can buy dried sloes. Perhaps you can buy them there or persuade someone to post them to you?

You can also buy fresh ones on - I reckon they'd post them to you. Don't know if they'd make it through your customs checks, though.
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