sloe chocs

Use the gin-soaked flesh of discarded sloes to make luxury chocolates! Share tips and culinary hints here

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sloe chocs

Post by helen » 01 Nov 2007, 09:27

New to this.

Only just picked sloes because of nervously waiting for frost first in this warm south pocket of Sussex.

Nearly wailed on seeing empty bushes but luckily found 600gms further along walk so peace reigned - (well, I might have cheered a bit!)

Given my gin won't really be ready til April-ish should I just leave it and make chocs next Xmas? Has anyone waited long enough to see how well the chocs last?


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Post by shinobi » 01 Nov 2007, 11:19

Congratulations on waiting for the first frost :D Every time I try it over here in Eastbourne, it's too late. Empty bushes and raisins are all that are left.

With regards to the chocolates, you can always freeze the sloes once removed and then make the chocolates later. I have a feeling if you made the chocolates, there might be trouble making them last the week, let alone to christmas!! :lol:


Welcome to the Sussex chapter of the sloe gin brigade!!

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Post by spammeplease » 01 Nov 2007, 18:21

I've kept drained but slightly damp sloes and especially damsons for many months in airtight jars and then made chocs later with no problems. I do a damson fruit and nut by melting a 200g good plain chocolate bar and bunging in 8ish chopped damsons and almonds. Due to the small quantities I just keep the rest in a jar until I need some more - 600g will make a lot of chocolates, so this might do it for you.

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Post by Wendy » 20 Nov 2007, 16:40

What I do to speed up the process is make the Sloe Gin in a wine bag, 2 bottles of Gin loads of sloes and sugar as recommended. Thing is because I get to squeeze the wine bag the fruit and gin infuse quicker and keep in the airing cupboard so the batch I have just started will be truffles by christmas and yummy is not the word.

have a go

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