Recipe for Sloe Gin Truffles

Use the gin-soaked flesh of discarded sloes to make luxury chocolates! Share tips and culinary hints here

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Mrs Sloecomb
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Re: Recipe for Sloe Gin Truffles

Post by Mrs Sloecomb » 12 Jan 2011, 12:36

Delicious, thank you...have also more stoned sloes waiting in freezer. In the name of seriously good value,I am hoping the stones will sprout too, in a homegrown hedge. Any tips? Meantime, what a bucolic feast for the nibbling fieldmice!

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Re: Recipe for Sloe Gin Truffles

Post by AdamR » 14 Sep 2011, 13:54

Having just bottled my first few batches for the year (they're out and ripe and juicy down here in Cornwall) and having lurked here for a few years without contributing, I just wanted to offer my own quick solution for stoning the sloes before putting them in the truffles.

I spent AGES trying to get the stones out with my hands, which was laborious, sticky and painful, but in the end found a much easier way. Get two nice big flat chopping boards, cover about two-thirds of one of the boards with a layer of the soaked sloes and then put the other board on top. With some good pressure on top and twisting the board left and right it quickly pulls the flesh off the stones and makes the whole job a lot quicker and easier.

Luckily I have a lot more sloes this year, these truffles didn't last long last time :)

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Re: Recipe for Sloe Gin Truffles

Post by mrsgingamunki » 03 Jan 2012, 17:40

OMG these truffles are DE-LIC-IOUS!!!

I made these as gifts this Christmas and they were gone in about 5 mins!
Luckily I still have some gin soaked sloes in the fridge so I am making some more today to take into work for my colleagues!

Thank-u users for posting this recipe and for your ever useful comments.

x mrsgingamunki x :D

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Re: Recipe for Sloe Gin Truffles

Post by spammeplease » 09 Feb 2012, 16:06

So I found an heart-shaped cutter and made some more of these truffles for Valentine's Day.

One easy* way to Mrs MePlease's heart :D

Thanks again Sloeranger!

* - had to do it in secret so I used Damsons and Damson Gin to make sure that I could do the job without being noticed in a couple of hours, - it's the getting the fruit out of the skins that takes the time for me.

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