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20 Oct 2015, 14:53
Forum: Sloe jam, jelly, etc
Topic: Sloe Gin - Slider
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Re: Sloe Gin - Slider

its is down to the % alcohol used combined with do you want to drink the Slider with a slight effervescence or flat. I tend to put Cider in it ( Co-op 2 Ltr )give it a good swill / leave it a day then sieve/ tea strainer from the Demijon to the Glass ( yes DJ, I make 4 Lr Batches at a time. Once tha...
24 Jun 2015, 21:45
Forum: Sloe gin recipes
Topic: What % is best? 17%,20%,30%,37.5%,40%,45%, +45%
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What % is best? 17%,20%,30%,37.5%,40%,45%, +45%

Evening people, Now I happen to have a large amount of room in my freezer being taken up buy last years Sloes that I did not get round to processing. Last years swimming pool of SG has all gone I thought I would make some room and some of that Almond bitter sweet fruit joy that my sloes provide. Now...