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by Hedgerow
28 May 2011, 19:30
Forum: Sloe gin recipes
Topic: Don't prick frozen sloes ....
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Re: Don't prick frozen sloes ....

I did exactly the same as Shamrock !!! Took them out of the freezer, washed them and thawed them in a fine sieve under the cold tap, placed them in Kilner type jars and shook the hell out of them. They soon coloured up nicely.
by Hedgerow
11 May 2011, 14:52
Forum: Sloe gin recipes
Topic: Additives - CHILLY !!!!!!
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Additives - CHILLY !!!!!!

Hi Folks, a couple of years ago someone on our shoot passed round some Sloe Gin with a bit of a ` bite`, he said he had put some chilly in it !!! Anyone tried this ? How much would you use ? I cannot ask him as he left the area.