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by your man godfrey
25 Nov 2010, 19:40
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Topic: Mincemeat Vodka
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Mincemeat Vodka

300ml vodka, 50g of mincemeat, combine in a bottle and leave for week. I don't sweeten it because the mincemeat already has sugar in it. What was funny was that after being in the bottle for three weeks I found the flavour really mellowed out and became much more enjoyable. Anyone else have experien...
by your man godfrey
25 Nov 2010, 19:38
Forum: All other spirits etc
Topic: Commercial Sloe Gin
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Commercial Sloe Gin

I'm sure where this should go exactly I hope I've put it in the right place. I recently took part in a Sloe Gin Tasting of 17 varieties of commercially made sloe gin and I wondered if anyone here buys Sloe Gin when they have run out of the home-made stuff? I'd also be interested in what brands folk ...
by your man godfrey
25 Nov 2010, 19:34
Forum: All other spirits etc
Topic: HELP!!! Sloe Whisky
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Re: HELP!!! Sloe Whisky

I really like Sloe Whisky and find it mixes really well with ginger beer. This recipe sounds good to me, I would add some sugar and then sugar to taste as the amount needed would vary depending on the whisky.