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by cloggy
11 Sep 2006, 22:42
Forum: Sloe gin recipes
Topic: Im a happy sloe-bunny!
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Let's think about this.

3 times as much sloes, how much gin and sugar do I need?

This is a wind-up I assume?
by cloggy
17 Apr 2006, 21:07
Forum: All other spirits etc
Topic: Orange Whiskey
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This sounds wonderful...but I am a little put off by the coriander seeds, because I loathe coriander...Yuck!
Funny, since coriander is an ingredient of Gin, and this is a sloe gin website
by cloggy
29 Nov 2005, 13:38
Forum: Sloe gin recipes
Topic: Cloudy sloe gin
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Try paper coffee filters in a largish funnel. Does the trick for me.

by cloggy
07 Aug 2005, 10:57
Forum: Sloe gin recipes
Topic: Pressing berries into a pulp?
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Romnerd et al, This is not a bad website, the only unfortunate thing is that Blackthorn believes that his way of making sloe gin is the only way, and he actively discourages any kind of experimentation ('stick to the recipe at' or 'keep it simple' are the usual answers to any question). Jus...
by cloggy
24 Dec 2004, 22:24
Forum: All other spirits etc
Topic: Pacharan - Recipe please
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You could make your own using vodka, sloes (obviously), sugar (bit less than normal sloe gin) and some aniseed essential oil (illicium verum). I could point you to a website where you can buy this but I am not sure if this would be seen as advertising. Other ingredients sometimes used are coffee bea...
by cloggy
24 Dec 2004, 22:08
Forum: Sloe gin recipes
Topic: Do you wash your sloes?
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Don't forget to wash your own hands, and to have spotless bottles! Strange, hands and bottles need to be spotless (even though 40% gin would desinfect most things), yet sloes go in including bird poo and everything else that sticks to them. I'd give them a rinse before using just to be sure. You'll...
by cloggy
24 Dec 2004, 21:53
Forum: All other spirits etc
Topic: Do you have the recipe for GIN?
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Not that difficult, but possibly illegal depending on where you live.

In New Zealand it is not illegal, and there is a wealth of information available from that part of the world.

You could try
by cloggy
24 Dec 2004, 21:47
Forum: Sloe gin recipes
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First timer here as well.

Glycerine is commonly added to home distilled spirits to take the rough edge off without adding too much sweetness.

Since the normal sloe gin recipe includes quite a bit of sugar the effect of any glycerine would be nil. Wouldn't bother with it myself in sloe gin.