• Don't confuse 'first frosts' with domestic freezers! Leaving the sloes on the bush until 'after the first frosts' is in my opinion entirely about allowing full ripening, and has nothing to do with any other possible benefits of freezing!
  • If you do choose to freeze your sloes - to preserve an excess bag for another time, for example, then be sure to bottle them as quickly as possible after removing from the freezer bag! Frozen sloes quickly become covered in a frosty deposit of condensed water vapour ... and you won't want this to dilute your pure gin!
  • Be careful to remove all the leaves and twigs etc from your bag of sloes before freezing ... otherwise you'll find them much more difficult and unpleasant to separate later.
  • Freezing sloes at home will do them no harm, and many people actually think it is helpful. Read the arguments, for and against, on the FORUM.


frozen sloes

Surplus sloes can be stored in a freezer until needed.