Preparing your sloes and adding to the gin is a simple process, but does require a little patience! The fiddly bit is pricking each sloe a couple of times (or running a sharp knife over the sloe). This can be done in front of your favourite TV programme, or down in your garden shed, or in your new dream kitchen. Some people actually procrastinate and put their sloes in the freezer for another time - but I prefer to get it all bottled and finished on the day of picking.



The litre bottle on left has just had sugar added to the sloes and gin. The flagon on right is only a couple of hours old but has already acquired a good magenta colour.


This bottle is four months old. The 1.7L cider flagon was half-filled with sloes (approx 700g), plus two wine goblets of sugar (approx 300g) - then topped-up with about a litre of gin.

Decant the liquor off between 3-6 months, then either drink or store until next winter.